Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harry Potter Movie Marathon Night

My hubby and I are big Harry Potter fans. Read all the books and have watched all the movies several times over. We have been to The Wizarding World of HP @ Universal's Islands of Adventure and LOVED it! What an awesome and magical place.

Tonight is our First Harry Potter Movie Marathon night. We are starting The Sorcerer's Stone at 2pm. I am sure we will take a Intermission around 6 for dinner and then only potty breaks the rest of the night!

I am making:
*Acid Pops
*Licorice Wands
*Troll Toenails
*Quiditch Players Pie
*Cockroach Clusters

Should be a fun party!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pool Fun w/Friends!

Independence Day Fun!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mommy, Smell My Mouth!

I am sitting on the couch trying to read a few blogs and catch up on What Not To Wear episodes.

The time is 1:30 and I am having my first cup of coffee of the day. (Ugg...if you know me personally that is way late to be having my first cup of Joe!)

Hudson climbs up on my lap and breathes is my face, "Mommy, smell my mouth."
To which I curl my nose and say, "What?! Why?!"
Hudson says, "Because, I have food in my mouf(mouth)...and... it goes in my froat(throat)." LOL! He is such a 4 year old boy completely enamored with the functions of his body.

This morning while we were out walking our dog Hudson asks, "Mom, what is poop?"
Can I laugh and just say, "It is your body taking out the garbage?"

I love having a boy! He is wonderfully fun and adventurous. He likes to play ruff and then 2 seconds later is curled up in my lap. How miraculous is our God!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally... the first 2011 post!

I know! Where have I been? Well for starters very busy with 3 kids. I take Lucy to VPK and Hudson to PreSchool and hang with Brie for a few hrs in the am. I am still WILD about Coupons and the savings is addicting! The diaper bag business is on a hold at the moment, but I make them when they are needed. I just finished curtains for a lady from my church. I also started working part time for my church which is really cool b/c i can bring the kids along!
Please keep us in your prayers! We serve a BIG God and we believe he has big plans for us! God is working in mine & my husbands hearts and I believe God's power to be limitless! Please pray for our roof and for Weylu's career course.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Cool Buy!

I bought these super cool luggage tags yesterday at Lowry Park Zoo .

Laundry, Ugg...

OK I feel like I am doing laundry everyday! Three times a day. How does one keep up? If it isn't the baby exploding in her diaper, the two year old wetting his bed at nap time or the dog getting crap (not literally, figuratively) on the comforter, it is my husband and his five changes of clothes everyday. Can someone please tell me why we aren't all nudists? They really have this dilemma figured out. Unbelievable!